corporate governance consulting firm

Corporate Governance Consulting Services

The shrinking profit margins, the rise of disruptive technology, and globalization put pressure on a business. To respond to this new reality of global business, companies invest in corporate governance practices and strategies that allow them to stay abreast of industry trends. If your corporate governance practices could improve, we’d love to help! We provide

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compliance risk assessment firm

Compliance Risk Assessment Services

Because of increasing international regulations and rising stakeholder expectations, organizations are more exposed to compliance risk than ever. That’s why The Capital Group Ltd. offers compliance risk assessment services. We’ll help you figure out where your risks lie and what steps you need to take to mitigate them, so you can focus on growing your

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business operations consulting firm

Business Operations Consulting Services

At The Capital Group Ltd., we offer professional business operations consulting to help you understand your business’ processes and goals and make your directions accordingly. Our services help you improve your company’s operations making it more successful and efficient. We provide services to all types of businesses, whether a small company or a large corporation.

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ISO 9001 Implementation Consultancy

ISO 9001 Implementation Consultants

The Capital Group Ltd. Is a leading ISO 9001 implementation consultant firm based in The Bahamas. We pride ourselves in helping organizations implement quality management systems which can lead to ISO 9001:2015 certification and ensure the continued improvement of their processes. We focus on helping companies manage their resources effectively and efficiently, we can help

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Digital Operations Services and Consultancy

Technology drives business success by providing information, efficiencies, speed and accuracy. The Capital Group Ltd. will review your needs and provide practical guidance to help you identify the technological resources to meet your requirements. We peer businesses with the right partners to accomplish its objectives. Information helps you understand target markets, keeps you abreast of

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staff meeting in boardroom

Professional HR Consulting Services for Startups/Small Businesses

We develop practical solutions for your Human Resources Department.  We will work with your team to craft the best direction for the most important aspect of your organization…your staff.  

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group staff

Enterprise-wide Management Solutions

We look at your entire organization holistically. Our aim is to provide solutions that will help you meet your company’s strategic objectives.  In doing this we look at all business units, all functions, culture and more to help you arrive at your objectives.  

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team discussion

Exit and Succession Planning Services

For businesses to continue meeting its objectives there must be succession planning undertaken for those key roles that need to remain in tact. Seeking out the best from within your company or developing a line of potential candidates that can fill future roles is a good idea. We will help your organization develop a method

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Business Risk Management and Assessment Services

It is important that companies, especially those in fast paced industries have someone working for them paying attention on a regular basis to the legal exposure that the company faces. As careful as management may be when exercising their duties and responsibilities when an untrained eye is not there looking out for potential pitfalls a

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SOP Development Services

The Capital Group Ltd., specializes in developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for companies across most sectors. When developing SOPs we ensure that they are focused on the user, and that the knowledge of those in the organization is properly and reliably captured and transferred. We rely on industry best practice, safety and we focus on

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