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Business owners often struggle to find the time and skills to create a strategic plan. That’s why we’ve designed our strategic planning consulting solutions to help streamline your goals and create an action plan, so all you have to do is execute!

Our service helps owners of all types of businesses—start-ups and established companies alike—help identify their strengths and weaknesses, develop plans to improve them and manage cash flow so that you’re always prepared for what comes next.

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What is strategic planning?

Strategic planning is creating a comprehensive long-term plan for your business, implementing it through smaller tactical plans, and then measuring its success against the company’s long-term goals.

Strategic planning helps your organization define clear objectives, set priorities, and create specific action steps so that each team member knows what they should be doing at any given time.


Benefits of strategic planning consulting

1. Helps in the planning of strategy

A strategic planning consultant is more than just reviewing your strategy and then crossing it off so that you can execute it. Their role is to collaborate with you during the planning process, interpreting what each element of your plan will accomplish so that you can move forward together.

2. Facilitate the creation of a strategic plan

A strategic planning consultant begins by learning everything about your organization—from its staff to its goals. They are well-suited to planning, designing, or leading group meetings because of their ability to provide unbiased advice, manage logistics, and keep all parties focused on what needs doing.

3. Probe beyond the obvious

Strategic planning consulting can help you ask difficult questions that might be tough for your organization to answer, but responses are essential to reach a more profitable future. You may feel uncomfortable with this, but it will help you understand more about your company in the long term—and where you want it to go (as well as how to get there).

4. Review your strengths and weaknesses

Strategic planning firms will help your company identify the strengths and weaknesses of its current position and promote the former while attempting to remedy or ignore the latter. Every business has unique strengths, and strategic planning consulting helps highlight and improve them.

5. Assistance in carrying out the strategic plan

Strategic planning services do not end with analyzing your organization; they will also develop and implement strategies for you. They can help align the group and promote collaboration even if your team is spread across multiple locations.


Who needs strategic planning?

Strategic planning is something that every business and organization needs. It’s the process of deciding what your goals are, how you will achieve them, and how you will measure whether or not you’ve been successful.

While large multinational corporations might find strategic planning service a good use of their time and money, smaller businesses may reap the most benefit from them because they need help defining their future course while expanding quickly.


The Capital Group Ltd: Professional and Experienced Strategic Planning Consultants

The Capital Group Ltd. is a strategic planning consultancy that helps established, and emerging companies develop effective long-term plans for success.

Every company is unique, so our approach to strategic planning always incorporates the client’s circumstances. Our planners take the time to understand your business and its objectives before creating a customized plan designed specifically for you. Once we’ve created a program for you, we also offer ongoing support throughout implementation so that every step goes smoothly!


How can we help?

Strategic planning is difficult or time-consuming, but our tried-and-true methodology can help you streamline the process to apply to all businesses—big and small.

To create your strategic plan, we use our six-stage process, which is comprised of the following steps:

  1. Analyze your vision and mission statements.
  2. Analyze the core beliefs your group holds.
  3. Evaluate your existing operating and financial situation.
  4. Outline the must-attain key goals to complete your plan.
  5. Define and implement strategies that will allow you to accomplish your goals.
  6. Write a paper that describes your business strategy.

We help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and guide you on the best ways to leverage those strengths into success. Your strategic plan will:

  • Create a mission attainment roadmap for your board and management.
  • Outline the strategies for ensuring that objectives are met.
  • Ensure that all stakeholders understand where the organization is going.

Our experts know it’s essential to be aware of the bigger picture and minor details, so we ensure both are attended to.

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Our approach

We take a strategic approach to planning services tailored to your and your company’s unique needs. It means we learn about your business, identifying where it is now and where you want it to be in the future.

We then build an actionable plan based on these insights defining how to get there. We ensure this plan is clear and concise so that everyone in the organization understands what’s expected of them.

Finally, we follow up with you regularly to ensure everything stays on track and that no surprises or changes are needed along the way.


Our team

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Whom do we serve?

We’re a strategic planning consultancy that helps businesses and start-ups in The Bahamas and the Caribbean, Latin America, the UK and Florida. We work with our clients to develop a clear plan for their future, using our expert industry knowledge to ensure they’re headed in the right direction.


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    Do I need a strategic planning consultant?

    The short answer is yes! If your company is growing slower than you’d like it to (or if it’s not growing at all), it’s time for some outside assistance from someone who can help plan and implement strategies that will take your company from good to great.

    What is the difference between a strategic plan and a business plan?

    A business plan details the roots of a company (its history and founding), its owners, its capabilities and resources, the industries or markets it works in, how it generates revenues, and also includes financial projections.

    A strategic plan examines a company’s internal and external environment. It outlines how the company plans to achieve its goals and its strategies to get there.

    How much does it cost?

    The price of our services depends on the scope of work required by your project and your budget. We offer competitive rates for all projects and are willing to work within budget constraints to ensure you get the most out of our services.