About The Capital Group Ltd.

The Capital Group Ltd., (TCGL) is a consultancy firm that cares about results. We believe that quality standards and high performance can be achieved in every organization. With the right planning, governance, assurance and direction a business can achieve its bottom line while ensuring its reputation is beyond reproach. At the Capital Group our consultants take a holistic approach to consultancy.

If there is a problem with the quality of goods and services this will lead to reduction in customers and ultimately a reduction in profits.

The Capital Group believes that you can’t expect what you don’t inspect. Further, without goals and objectives there is very little you should expect from your team. When we’re asked to fix a problem we don’t look at the problem, we look at the cause then we provide the solution!

Our Mission

Why The Capital Group Ltd.?

Our goal is to provide businesses with proven enterprise solutions that will give business leaders the ability to achieve business success by maximizing its human resources, consistently improving its products and services, managing risk and ensuring customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

Quality is the Standard

Our heart is where our treasures lie…at TCGL our heart is set in quality; and that means we stop at nothing to achieve the highest standard of quality for you and your business. We also believe that consistently producing quality products and services will ensure business sustainability.

Tailor-Made Solutions

We appreciate that one-size does not fit all. We work with our clients to establish the best possible solutions for their unique business needs. Small Start-ups, Non-Profits, sole Proprietorships, Government Entities and Business Corporations may have very specific issues that will need fresh and innovative ideas – we are mindful of that and always look at things holistically.